Friday, 2 May 2014

Experiments in jersey No. 2: The Mod Bandeau Top (Simplicity 1613)

Following on from my first experiment in jersey, I've been busy again, with potentially my favourite ever make! This time the fabric has come from Spoonflower - their Modern Jersey... Yes it's expensive, but it has four way stretch! And doesn't need overlocking!

The pattern is Simplicity 1613 (I made E), and was very straightforward. I can imagine I'll try it again at some point, perhaps making up the versions on the right (A, B, C).

I just love this fabric design, the colours and style feel a bit like Orla Kiely... Spoonflower is such a brilliant resource! Hopefully it works with the pattern too...
It's hard to see the ruched detailing in the front centre there, but I'm pretty happy with it - all lines up pretty well...

... Unlike the side seams! I'm going to keep trying pattern matching, hopefully it'll improve one day! Or I'll find a course to help me to learn :)

As ever I ordered the minimum amount of fabric, and then regretted it (how many times must I learn this lesson?) Anyway, it explains this weird square of white at the back...

Overall I'm pretty happy with it, a good learning experience, and I love the outcome - will be perfect for summer days and avoiding strap marks! Next time though I will buy enough fabric!!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Experiments in Jersey No 1: Ultimate Wrap Dress

After seven months of neglecting my blog, I'm back! Apologies to anyone who has come looking for updates - I started a new job in October and it has taken me months to adjust to all the travelling. Plus, I've decided I'm a fair weather sewer, only seem to get inspired once the sun has come out! I've sewn once since the last blog post - some Christmas bunting for a colleague's Secret Santa gift - and didn't manage to get a photo done.

Anyway, back to the purpose of today's blog post... The Great British Sewing Bee completely inspired me to try sewing with jersey / stretch fabric... It looked tricky but totally do-able. After scouting around on my favourite fabric website, Spoonflower, I placed an order... In the meantime, waiting the month or so for the fabric to arrive I ordered some cheap fabric from Minerva, to test out just how tricky this new fabric might be...

I went for Sew Over It's Ultimate Wrap Dress, mostly because I wanted to support their shop, I've never been but it's local enough, and I do want to get there!

So what do you think?? It's certainly a little lower and higher cut than I'd normally go for! Perhaps one for once the legs have adjusted to seeing any daylight! 

It was incredibly easy to make the dress - no faffing, it was done in just a few hours, using a ballpoint needle... Without an overlocker at hand I'm afraid I left the edges raw so we'll have to see how long it lasts, but I don't especially care - it's not my favourite, nor the most wearable of dresses!

There's one bugbear I have with it too - there's a lot of rippling, on a couple of the hemmed edges. Any more experienced sewers, I'd love your opinions, what went wrong? 

I can guarantee the next post won't take so long to get put up - have already made the next project using the Spoonflower jersey I mentioned :) 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Coasters gift - tutorial

I'm finally coming to an end of my course, and wanted to say thanks to my last supervisor. He loves photography, even displaying and having his work available for sale. So I decided to use up a little more of my camera fabric, to make up some coasters, perfect for a man who also loves his tea... And they're so easy, perfect for a brief tutorial!

(Disclaimer: I got the idea a while back for these from another blog, but I can't remember where, sorry whoever I have plagarised!!)

As always, remember to pre-wash your fabric - especially where tea is concerned you can guarantee they'll need a wash at some point!
To make each coaster cut two squares of fabric and one of wadding 5inch x 5inch.
Place the wadding at the bottom, then the bottom fabric, right side up, then the top fabric, right side down.
Sew using a 5/8ths allowance, along three sides, and a third of the way across the left and right of the last side.
Turn them so the upper fabric faces the right side out.

Use a pin to bring each of the corners to a point, then, sew the last bit of the final side - *wagging finger* remember to use hand stitching (What? Me? Ummmm.... Well I used a sewing machine because I'm lazy!)

Finally, do some top-stitching as you see fit!