Monday, 24 September 2012

The sweetie nightie

I always thought that making your own sleepwear was a silly idea - why make something that people don't see, that you can pick up so easily from a high street store for cheaper than the fabric would cost? Well, then I saw some fabric and trims in Abakhan's in Mostyn, and well... I changed my mind! About £3p/m, it still works out to be as pricey as just buying off the shelf, but I fell in love! And there was lots of lace trims! It was a match made in heaven...

After weeks of searching I decided on New Look 6984. It's actually a dress pattern, but all the nightie patterns I came across were too frumpy or naff!

I think it turned out just as I had hoped - sweet and pretty. It's different from anything you'd buy in the shops, yet it's practical too... Only one alteration to the instructions was needed - adding velcro rather than a button - for comfort. Always important to remember that the scratchy side faces up to avoid irritated skin. This time I remembered!

I think the lace looks great, I'm really happy with the finished result...

Though, sewing with such a tiny band was a little bit of a headache (I cut corners and don't hand sew wherever possible). Can you make out how small it was on this picture?

What do you think? Would you ever (or have you already) make a nightie?

Friday, 21 September 2012

Self-Stitched September: Week 3

Just one photo this week - have been a little all over the place, and without my stash of makes!

Monday 17th September
Delivering training and last day on placement...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Craft Class: Corset pattern making

I have been so excited about going on a corset making class since I booked it in December last year. Held at Acton Scott Museum, where they filmed Victorian Farm, the class promised the chance to learn about corsetry, draft your own pattern and learn how to make one. I've always been interested in Victorian history - the judgemental religiousity, politics and fashion is fascinating. Wikipedia has an excellent brief glimpse at some of the relevant women's history that interests me. (As an aside, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Murder at Road Hill House provides an excellent glimpse into some of the social history as well as being a ripping good yarn!)

Anyway, back on topic. Being in Shropshire, the venue was incredible, with a stunning view from our room. The large glass windows did mean that we were watched like monkeys in a zoo by the passers by!
As well as the actual process of construction, we also discussed the history - whether the corset was a method of control / repression in women (and similarities with stilettos). We also had a chance to understand more about the fashions of corsets at the time, and how they evolved through the period.

I found pattern making stretched my brain further than it's used to being stretched. I think I was the most novice of the sewers there so I learnt more of the basics (like adding seam allowances) than other attendees. Sarah was wonderfully patient though and talked us through each step carefully.

In the end I'm pretty happy with my draft - happy to report that I could still breathe and sit down, though the it squashed more than providing uplift! (Adjustments required)

Though I think the others would be able to take the next step alone, I'm going to get in touch with Sarah sometime next year to book in for a day to make the final product. I've never tried to use boning, so I think I'll need to get some significant help for that!

A fantastic day, highly recommended to all Intermediate sewers!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Self Stitched September: Week 2

Saturday 8th September, a trip to the Paralympics to watch the wheelchair fencing, wearing JJ 6009. This blouse has so much potential, but everytime I wear it I end up feeling so frustrated. The button keeps popping open and the collar is just so annoying. I think it'll be going to a clothes swap as soon as I can get over the hours of frustration that went into making it! At least the sport was good, and so inspirational - I really want to give fencing a go soon!

Monday 10th September, my last full week on placement, wearing the Try again dress (Project Runway 2588), with a bright orange cardigan. This was a rushed photo as I was running late for work, whoops!
Give me a shout if you're taking part in Self-Stitched September, would love to see everyone's makes!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Yuppie Skirt - New Look 6837

This is actually my second time around with 1980s pattern New Look 6837, one I picked up in a charity shop. Whilst the packaging is all 1980s, the clothes the pattern makes seem to look pretty classic to me. The instructions are clear and straightforward. The only strange thing is the sizing. Last time the top I made was too big and had to be given away, this time the skirt is a little too snug!

I made the skirt using a grey-blue linen fabric picked up at the Stitch and Craft Fair, nice and simple. I lined it with a matching blue 'silk' fabric.

I actually made a mistake on the waistband, things got a bit trapped and I didn't realise until it was too late, but luckily you can't tell!

All the photos were taken with my new camera, a birthday gift. Absolutely love it! Have lots of makes that didn't get onto the blog yet, so expect a small flurry of posts as and when I get time!

Please drop me a comment - what do you guys think? Good skirt for work? What colours would you wear it with?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Self Stitched September: Week 1

Despite having very few of my own makes I've decided to take part in Self Stitched September, a challenge lots of sewist bloggers have taken part in the last few years. Like Me Made May, the idea seems to have been originally conceived by Zo of Collette Patterns, though this year they seem to have been quiet on organising it. Here's a link to her post last year.

This year I'm not aiming to wear something I made every day, just most days, here's the first week's line up...

1st September...Waking up to wearing my new nightie, not yet blogged! It's New Look 6984, more info to come soon on a future blog post.

2nd September, New day, same nightie!

 3rd September, the Joanie dress (New Look 6000) got brought out for work.

4th September I wore my favourite blouse New Look 6963, the original version. 5th I had a break with nothing else clean / suitable for work!

 6th September, for a meeting and birthday drinks with friends I wore my other New Look 6963, the Japanese Blossom Blouse.

Who else is taking part in Self Stitched September? Drop me a comment if you're a fellow blogger / tweeter, would love to see other people's outfits!