Monday, 2 May 2016

Catching up... The festival blanket

I've neglected this blog terribly over the last... months? year? Well, though it's been intermittent, I have done some sewing along the way,  and I'm back on it again now! Time to make a few posts to catch up the blog with my recent makes.

At Christmas we did Secret Santa at work, and pulled my colleague's name out of the hat. As ever, it was someone I don't know terribly well, but with some digging I found out he is a massive festival attendee, every weekend of the summer he's off somewhere! So, his gift? A festival picnic blanket / tablecloth. Here it is in development...

In accordance with the tacky / minimal effort theme, I sewed the blanket from bandanas bought on the Internet, double thickness. He seemed utterly bemused (and didn't know it was from me).

Apologies for the poor quality picture - it's a photo of a photo... Better shots in future pictures! 

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