Sunday, 29 April 2012

Japanese blossom: New Look 6963

So I've been busy making another New Look 6963, this time with a Japanese style blossom print by Tanya Whelan - Millie Moon is selling a version at the moment (not a recommendation, I've never shopped there). 

I love how wearable this shirt is! To me it's a pattern that works well with turned up jeans for a slightly retro weekend feel, but it can be worn smartened up too. At the very last moment I swapped to some pink buttons picked up at John Lewis, I think it really helps the blossom colours stand out.

Here's the sleeve detailing that drove me mad the first time around - this time it was super easy!

Do let me know what you think, how would you wear it?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Makers that inspire: Button Becky

I originally created this blog to help me to capture my dressmaking projects as I learn how to be a good sewist. However, I've become so inspired by others projects I thought it was about time I acknowledged them.

Button Becky is a former scientist, turned teacher, turned crafter, and operates from Carfax Market in Horsham, where I originally met her. She creates great badges, hair pieces and jewellery all with the most beautiful buttons and earrings, and with a distinctive style. I've already bought a badge for one friend, and a couple of bits for me...

Anyway, I came across this and absolutely had to have it! It's made from navy silk and earrings, it's just so beautiful!

You know what, I don't even have anywhere to wear it but I don't care! I'm wondering if it would look good with that 50s dress I'm thinking of making...

So, what do you think? If you'd like to buy your own you can go to: her Facebook page, or her website. I should say that this post hasn't been sponsored, I know how it annoys me when people don't declare that!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Look 6963

This is my New Look 6963 shirt - finally! I've actually been wearing it lots, but haven't had one of the great shots that I like to use on here. There's more details on the process of making it over on this post here.

I've been wearing it so much I've decided to make another version of it. So far it's going much easier than the first time around but I know I'm procrastinating until I get to those damn sleeves again!

Just before I go, here's a little plug again for my map of fabric shops in the UK. I was inspired by other bloggers who tended to focus on one city, but as I'm a bit of a traveller I thought I'd do my own version ;)

Lomo shots Part 2

In the second edition of my quest to become a hipster I've had considerably more success! I've completely fallen in love with my Diana F+ camera. I've always loved the intense colours offered by Technicolour films, I remember a classic film shot in Hong Kong... Wow! Anyway, I've been finding with my second roll of film that the Diana F really allows you capture all the intense colours of those films, giving a really great warmth and colour saturation to the finished product.

I've chosen a little collection of my favourite shots from some time taking the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk. (English spelling just for you Phil ;))...

I've been spending masses of time studying in the British Library too. I find it such an inspirational building. It's got great angles, lighting, and of course it's a centre of learning, which means that this inner geek feels at home there! This is just the first of what I imagine will be many photos made there. Just got to remember to read what is in the books too ;)

Finally, the weather has been so great I've spent some happy days in the park, here's a moment from one picnic.