Monday, 9 January 2012

Gift making

So this year for Christmas I made a few gifts, trying to do presents as local and handmade as possible. I'd given most of them on Christmas day, before I thought of having a blog and making photos, however there were just a couple left which I finally gave this week.

I made this cushion for 'Baby A', a lovely little boy. It's a 12" cushion with Curious George fabric that I picked up from Abakhan's. I used the sewing machine for most, but did the zip by hand for convenience last minute (Well more like last hour!). On the outside it looks fine, but I really missed not having an overlocker to finish the seams on the inside, especially, as it's for the little fella I can imagine it needing to be washed a few times to keep it clean. I ended up with a compromise of having the two sides facing different directions - to make sure that the zipped side would be less likely to fray I used the serged side to put the zip on.

This iPhone cover was made for Baby A's mum, using a super straightforward tutorial. I used some fabric that I had left over from my Summer block dress because I knew it's completely her style - she's a real Lulu Guiness girl! The finished product wasn't exactly as planned - it was just a little long, and you can see the left hand hasn't matched up perfectly. Still, not bad for sewing it without an iPhone to hand!

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