Saturday, 14 January 2012

Next project

So, I've already made one of the items on my list, a gift for my friend's little girl. Details will have to wait though as her mum may come across this little blog!

I've started to work on my next project, a blouse based on the Burda free pattern JJ #6009. I bought this beautiful fabric from Shaukat back in November last year, and I've been eager to find the right pattern ever since! It's a beautiful poplin in pale blue, with cream flowers. Hopefully this fairly weighty cotton will be ok...

I've decided to stick fairly close to the pattern, but I think I'm going to drop the ruffles because there's just so much detail in the fabric. I've left enough fabric though, just in case I change my mind later.
It's taken me a whole day to cut the pattern, stick it back together and cut out the fabric. Hopefully sewing will go more quickly than the other blouse I've made! (Photos will come at some point)

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