Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fabric shops in the UK

I've been inspired by a fellow blogger (wish I could remember who!) to create a map of fabric shops that I've visited. The aim is to help jog my memory, and offer a service to anyone who happens across my blog. I aim to add reviews too, where I can / have time etc.

View Fabric shops in a larger map
Mainly I'll focus on the UK, but if I get to visit elsewhere, I will of course add these on!

Please recommend any other stores and I'll visit if I'm passing by.


  1. where is wales? we have loads of fabric shops

  2. I haven't been there since picking up sewing, unfortunately! Would absolutely love to go and have a browse, I know Conway well, but been to other areas too.

    Where's your favourite fabric shop - I might need to plan a weekend away!