Sunday, 19 February 2012

More gifts for the little ones

At Christmas I made my first few gifts for loved ones, including a cushion for Baby A. With the daughter of a friend having her first birthday I thought it's about time I stepped it up a little!

This lovely bib pattern from Nested offered the perfect solution. I made it in a lovely Beatrix Potter fabric picked up from Ebay (I love Beatrix Potter!).

Just a little tip if you're thinking of making this bib yourself - don't forget to clip the curves as it's not mentioned in the instructions!
What do you think? I've got no photos of her wearing it. She was completely freaked out by the whole thing and burst into tears! I'm still not sure it even fits, or if she's too old for one... Never mind, I imagine any future little sproglets might need one at some point ;)

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