Monday, 19 March 2012

Stitch and Craft

This weekend I had a wonderful time in London. It all started off at the Stitch and Craft fair, a pretty big exhibition at Kensington Olympia. There was so much I had never considered - forms of wool, felting, cotton.... The list was endless! I'm limiting my skill development to clothes making so far as there's only so much time, what with working and studying, but I confess to being tempted... Came away with some fabric and buttons that you'll see at some point!

The quilting exhibition was outstanding, these were some of my favourites - the detail was just lovely! There was quite a theme of Union Jacks and the Olympics this year!

I'm definitely going on a weekday next year though - it was SO busy! I couldn't attend any of the workshops because they were full, and it was a real squeeze getting around. The food area was chaos (or like a refugee camp as someone said!)
After that I caved in and picked up a new camera... A Diana F+ from Lomography. I can't believe I forked out the cash but I just love the effects it gives... Expect a few dreamlike pictures on the site in a little while, as well as the digital shots I normally have on here!

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