Thursday, 1 March 2012

Next project!

Well I'm close to completing my latest dress, but waiting on a zip to arrive. Pictures will of course come later.

In the meantime I'm making some plans for a beautiful fabric my Mum picked up from John Lewis. It's from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow collection, and was in the sale at £5 p/m. As soon as I got my hands on it I decided I wanted to make a shirtdress, the geometric shapes just seem to suit that crisp look.

On reflection though shirtdresses may not be my style, given that I've never had a shirt dress, and struggled to find a pattern I liked. After an evening of browsing I came across this Diamond housedress on Decades of Style. Isn't it cute? Decades of Style seem to take vintage patterns and redraw them, meaning that you work with a new version. That really appeals to me as I'm not as careful as I could be when cutting and I'd hate the idea of damaging a piece of history that should be treasured. Rather than lots of buttons it seems to close using a really long zip, which though unusual, I quite like.

This was their own version of it, which has got too much going on in it for my taste, but I'm hoping that a plain blue contrast fabric will look tasteful with my fabric. I really love the flair from the hips, and the details around the waist. They remind me of those cut out swimsuits which can help emphasise your shape. It's quite long, so I'm hoping to alter the length to just below the knee, which would mean I might get away with my 2.8m length.

While I was there I may have also sneakily picked up another pattern to make the postage per item less crazily expensive! It's a 1940s blouse that I don't plan to make up for quite some time... Hopefully!

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