Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Me Made (Saturdays in) May! Week 1

So, I've come across this wonderful idea via Twitter, called 'Me Made May'. Essentially the point is to make the most of your own creations for the month, wearing clothes you've made but not worn as much as you'd like.

As a new sewist I'm not yet ready to go a whole month, but I'm still up for a bit of a challenge. This Saturday saw an action packed hen do, so I actually got to wear two of my makes! The daytime involved sewing a quilt with the ladies, for which I wore my lovely new Japanese blossom blouse paired with some jeans and a cardie. As ever the shape offered a slightly vintage feel and was really easy to wear (trying hard not to make a third version!). 

Here shown with one of my quilt squares...
We had a bit of a night out too, which meant that the Ted Faker dress / TPD got a bit of a work out... The photo from that blog post was taken early on, this next one was in fact, the only shot of the dress from the night... Rather than being passed out I can reassure that this was dancing on a chair in the restaurant... We were told to... honest!
The verdict on the dress is that it shows creases pretty quickly and the poplin skirt is probably a bit too lightweight for the job. It held up to the evenings activities pretty well though! I doubt I'll make this one again, aside from as a 'quick' gift.


  1. The black dress I wore today for MMM was also poplin!!!! And unlined!! It was a dress I made when I first started and didn't think to line it. Today it kept clinging to my stockings, probably because it's light weight as u said :)

  2. Ooh, good point! Lining would have been a great idea - thanks for the tip! I loved the dress - looked great with your cardigan too :)

  3. I think I'll buy one of this slip things... Maybe it will help me with the clinginess