Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Makers that inspire: All my friends!

One of my wonderful friends Kathryn, got married recently, and for her hen do we got together with Make do Mender's Bee to stitch a quilt to celebrate (I blogged a little about the day here)
The quilt has now been completed and it looks beautiful. It captures just some of the excellent moments in their lives together, and hopefully it will be a real keepsake for them both. 

And of course, the wedding day was wonderful, the speeches fantastic, the bride beautiful, and the dancing... drunken ;)

The quilt really inspired me, and I've decided that as next year will be a big one for me: turning the big 3-0, finishing my university course (hopefully), and hopefully the start of a fulfilling new career, I'd like to mark it with a quilt too. I'm going to ask lots of people to contribute to the quilt, so if you know me, get ready ;)

1 comment:

  1. How lovely to see Kathryn at a typically happy moment and to be reminded of a very, very lovely afternoon with all of you. The quilt was such a pleasure to make up.
    Good luck with your own!!
    Best wishes
    Bee (Makedomenders)