Sunday, 15 July 2012

The 'try again' dress

Back way in February I received a gift of some lovely Joel Dewberry fabric from the John Lewis sale, and it was all lined up for making a perfect 1950s 'housedress'. But then it turned out (mid cutting!) that I had far, far too little - note to self: planning is a good idea...

After a few months of gathering dust I finally got some inspiration from one of the patterns that came free with Sew Magazine, Project Runway 2588. Lots of people have made this one up, with some really exceptional results.

It turned out to be very straightforward (though that's not prevented some significant making faults - damn you zipper!). I misjudged the bodice size too, so it's got a little tendency to gape at the sides - though with some adjustments to the seam allowance I no longer look like the hunchback of Notre Dame...

I just love the neckline of this dress, it feels so elegant, and classy - I think I'll be making this one over and over again. The length should be considerably shorter according to the instructions, but this fabric is a bit sedate for that I think!

I'm planning to wear this to a charity karaoke event this Friday, but I can't decide if it's more work or play dress. Like the Joanie dress as I get more used to it (and trust my judgement a bit more) I'll wear it more often.What do you guys think? Any thoughts on fabrics you'd use to make it up?

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