Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Retro bag for a digital camera

Another gift, this one a bag for a very well loved and used camera (the one that takes the nice photos on here). This is actually my second go with these instructions, though the first didn't make this blog yet.

This time instead of cardboard for the base I used two layers of felt, not enough to protect against a big hit, but enough to protect the screen on the back. Last time cardboard didn't do a great job and just became damaged and added unnecessary bulk.

I found this fantastic fabric on Ebay - I love the retro print, perfect for a digital camera!

 I chose to use it on the inside - a hidden detail in an otherwise quite anonymous bag. I just love interestingly detailed lining.

The cord ends were sealed with a knot, and then clear nail varnish. So far that's been enough to hold back the fraying, and this time the ends don't feel too sharp or scratchy. 

All the overcasting was done with my sewing machine, and turned out really well. I also slipped in one of my 'Hand made with love' ribbons for a detail. I really love adding these, and will need to buy more very soon!

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