Friday, 7 September 2012

Self Stitched September: Week 1

Despite having very few of my own makes I've decided to take part in Self Stitched September, a challenge lots of sewist bloggers have taken part in the last few years. Like Me Made May, the idea seems to have been originally conceived by Zo of Collette Patterns, though this year they seem to have been quiet on organising it. Here's a link to her post last year.

This year I'm not aiming to wear something I made every day, just most days, here's the first week's line up...

1st September...Waking up to wearing my new nightie, not yet blogged! It's New Look 6984, more info to come soon on a future blog post.

2nd September, New day, same nightie!

 3rd September, the Joanie dress (New Look 6000) got brought out for work.

4th September I wore my favourite blouse New Look 6963, the original version. 5th I had a break with nothing else clean / suitable for work!

 6th September, for a meeting and birthday drinks with friends I wore my other New Look 6963, the Japanese Blossom Blouse.

Who else is taking part in Self Stitched September? Drop me a comment if you're a fellow blogger / tweeter, would love to see other people's outfits!

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