Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lomo shots Part 2

In the second edition of my quest to become a hipster I've had considerably more success! I've completely fallen in love with my Diana F+ camera. I've always loved the intense colours offered by Technicolour films, I remember a classic film shot in Hong Kong... Wow! Anyway, I've been finding with my second roll of film that the Diana F really allows you capture all the intense colours of those films, giving a really great warmth and colour saturation to the finished product.

I've chosen a little collection of my favourite shots from some time taking the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk. (English spelling just for you Phil ;))...

I've been spending masses of time studying in the British Library too. I find it such an inspirational building. It's got great angles, lighting, and of course it's a centre of learning, which means that this inner geek feels at home there! This is just the first of what I imagine will be many photos made there. Just got to remember to read what is in the books too ;)

Finally, the weather has been so great I've spent some happy days in the park, here's a moment from one picnic.

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