Saturday, 21 April 2012

Makers that inspire: Button Becky

I originally created this blog to help me to capture my dressmaking projects as I learn how to be a good sewist. However, I've become so inspired by others projects I thought it was about time I acknowledged them.

Button Becky is a former scientist, turned teacher, turned crafter, and operates from Carfax Market in Horsham, where I originally met her. She creates great badges, hair pieces and jewellery all with the most beautiful buttons and earrings, and with a distinctive style. I've already bought a badge for one friend, and a couple of bits for me...

Anyway, I came across this and absolutely had to have it! It's made from navy silk and earrings, it's just so beautiful!

You know what, I don't even have anywhere to wear it but I don't care! I'm wondering if it would look good with that 50s dress I'm thinking of making...

So, what do you think? If you'd like to buy your own you can go to: her Facebook page, or her website. I should say that this post hasn't been sponsored, I know how it annoys me when people don't declare that!


  1. Wow I love anything like that. Really pretty.

  2. She's so great, love her stuff!