Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Look 6963

This is my New Look 6963 shirt - finally! I've actually been wearing it lots, but haven't had one of the great shots that I like to use on here. There's more details on the process of making it over on this post here.

I've been wearing it so much I've decided to make another version of it. So far it's going much easier than the first time around but I know I'm procrastinating until I get to those damn sleeves again!

Just before I go, here's a little plug again for my map of fabric shops in the UK. I was inspired by other bloggers who tended to focus on one city, but as I'm a bit of a traveller I thought I'd do my own version ;)


  1. I visit the shop next door to Abakhans in Liverpool which is called The Fabric Place. They have some really different and classy fabric. Maureens in Ormskirk and Southport sell a good range but for something glitzy I usually try to visit Trimmit in Blackpool which has fabrics and trimmings used in shows and dance costumes.

  2. Thanks Needles! I love The Fabric Place, such a great store, you're right about their fabric, and they're really helpful too. Not been up to Ormskirk, Southport or Blackpool in a little while, hope to find some time soon!