Sunday, 26 May 2013

Colette Laurel Number 1

So here it is, my first Laurel and my first make using Spoonflower fabric! The fabric was bought months ago but I couldn't find the right pattern, finally, along came Laurel, and it was a perfect match!

Spoonflower is a site with millions of fabric designs, where you can choose a pattern designed by someone else, or upload your own, and then get it printed onto material of your choice (or even wallpaper!). This was my first of many purchases from them I think - Dustbunnies, by meduzy, printed onto a cotton voile. The fabric got a little damaged by my not having stored it properly after washing - whoops! But I think it's added to the style, looking a bit more rustic ;)

Laurel is the newest pattern by Colette, and thousands of versions have already been made after a competition - you can find more inspiration here.

While mine's a simple version, I'm still delighted with it... The only question I have is... How old is too old for bunnies on your clothes?????

And while we're at it, some classic tips for storing fabric, from a new book of mine, 'Make do and mend' (Foreword by Jill Norman)

(Laurel number 2 has been made and will be uploaded soon!)

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  1. I just love your bunnies top!! I'm can't say how old is too old, my Laurel has a bird and red RicRac on it, I feel like an oversized toddler wearing it, but that may be what I like about it! :)