Sunday, 12 May 2013

Upcycled sleepwear

After weeks and weeks without sewing, my fingers were twitching for some stitching. An old duvet cover needed to go after becoming shabby, but it had also become lovely and soft with years of wear - time for my first bit of upcycling fabric!

New Look 6984 got rolled out again to make some sleepwear, just as with the sweetie nightie. It's a very dull cotton this time, so more interesting ribbon was needed.

 I chose a nice grosgrain ribbon, which I hoped might make the nightie look less dull, more rustic...

  A bit of detailing at the waist, and at the back to add marginal bits of interest!

While this is certainly not my favourite project, I did learn a few things... Grosgrain ribbon needs the addition of heat to seal the ends, cutting diagonally isn't enough. In addition, I've realised this pattern isn't for me. Both nighties gape at the back, despite me using the smallest size in the packet - absolutely fine for a nightie, but  I won't be making this as a dress. Think it'll be one to pass on to a fellow stitcher soon :)

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