Monday, 27 May 2013

Colette Laurel Number 2

And here's the second Laurel - this time around with the slippiest of materials I've tried so far (I'm not sure what the type is). It's a slight lemony shade, with a grey fish print, picked up from Abakhan's in Mostyn, for a fantastic £2 a metre. Together with the binding I think the top cost me £3 - bargain!

I swapped needles for the first time (having always stuck to what came with my machine), using a ballpoint 70 needle, but still it was a tricky one - anyone got any tips for making the back less.... like this?

Some major learning is needed with rolled hems too, my first attempt was so far from ideal - luckily it looks like there are a million methods on the internet, so fingers crossed for the next time around!


  1. You have the best fabric!! I don't know which version I like better!
    As for the puckering, your needle swap may have been the issue. Ballpoint needles are only for knit (stretch) fabrics, is it a knit? It looks like it's quite sheer, so you would want an finer gauge needle. I usually stock up on packs of needles that have a bunch of types and on the back a handy chart. You might be able to steam out your wrinkles with your iron, that's what I do when I get puckers.

  2. Ah thanks Kim, I know, I have such a massive stash after over-enthusiastic shopping trips - the biggest problem is planning what to sew up and how!

    I've now had as many pieces of advice about needles as I've spoken to people! In MacCulloch and Wallis (a famous London store), they advised normal but 70 needle, a fellow Tweeter suggested microtex or sharps - it's bamboozling, but at least everyone agrees that the original advice about ballpoints was wrong!

    I'll try a higher heat on the iron and will see if I can have any better success with the puckers - thanks for your tips!

  3. Hi, I really like your version of Laurel top, actually your two tops are my favorite :) I have decided to sew my own, definitely!

    1. Thank you so much! I've already sewn a third version too, which I'll make a blog post about soon - It's so easy and quick to use that pattern, I really recommend it :)