Monday, 24 September 2012

The sweetie nightie

I always thought that making your own sleepwear was a silly idea - why make something that people don't see, that you can pick up so easily from a high street store for cheaper than the fabric would cost? Well, then I saw some fabric and trims in Abakhan's in Mostyn, and well... I changed my mind! About £3p/m, it still works out to be as pricey as just buying off the shelf, but I fell in love! And there was lots of lace trims! It was a match made in heaven...

After weeks of searching I decided on New Look 6984. It's actually a dress pattern, but all the nightie patterns I came across were too frumpy or naff!

I think it turned out just as I had hoped - sweet and pretty. It's different from anything you'd buy in the shops, yet it's practical too... Only one alteration to the instructions was needed - adding velcro rather than a button - for comfort. Always important to remember that the scratchy side faces up to avoid irritated skin. This time I remembered!

I think the lace looks great, I'm really happy with the finished result...

Though, sewing with such a tiny band was a little bit of a headache (I cut corners and don't hand sew wherever possible). Can you make out how small it was on this picture?

What do you think? Would you ever (or have you already) make a nightie?

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