Friday, 14 September 2012

Self Stitched September: Week 2

Saturday 8th September, a trip to the Paralympics to watch the wheelchair fencing, wearing JJ 6009. This blouse has so much potential, but everytime I wear it I end up feeling so frustrated. The button keeps popping open and the collar is just so annoying. I think it'll be going to a clothes swap as soon as I can get over the hours of frustration that went into making it! At least the sport was good, and so inspirational - I really want to give fencing a go soon!

Monday 10th September, my last full week on placement, wearing the Try again dress (Project Runway 2588), with a bright orange cardigan. This was a rushed photo as I was running late for work, whoops!
Give me a shout if you're taking part in Self-Stitched September, would love to see everyone's makes!

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