Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Yuppie Skirt - New Look 6837

This is actually my second time around with 1980s pattern New Look 6837, one I picked up in a charity shop. Whilst the packaging is all 1980s, the clothes the pattern makes seem to look pretty classic to me. The instructions are clear and straightforward. The only strange thing is the sizing. Last time the top I made was too big and had to be given away, this time the skirt is a little too snug!

I made the skirt using a grey-blue linen fabric picked up at the Stitch and Craft Fair, nice and simple. I lined it with a matching blue 'silk' fabric.

I actually made a mistake on the waistband, things got a bit trapped and I didn't realise until it was too late, but luckily you can't tell!

All the photos were taken with my new camera, a birthday gift. Absolutely love it! Have lots of makes that didn't get onto the blog yet, so expect a small flurry of posts as and when I get time!

Please drop me a comment - what do you guys think? Good skirt for work? What colours would you wear it with?

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  1. hi, i was thinking about making a couple of these skirts for summer...did you make your size and it came out too snug? or would you recommend to go up a size??